u ever hear someone’s opinion and feel like you need to lie down

What distinguishes a suggestion from other forms of psychological  influence , such as a command or the giving of a piece of information or instruction, is in the case of a suggestion an idea is aroused in another person’s brain which is not examined in regard to its origin but is accepted often just as though it had arisen spontaneously in that soul.

                                                          -Sigmund Freud

It maybe grows within subconsciously - Resistance is first felt - Then often accepted in the open mind as seasons change.  

Scottish Spear Wall.

Ok i understand everyone want’s their independence , it’s our free thinking, history and free spirits that support it.  But  villainizing the great country of England is off base here.   There is of coarse bad blood between the two british territory’s going back threw the centuries. Epic clashes.   But when the scot’s did conform it was to their economic benefit and prosperity.  I believe they should remain part of GB but force social reforms and less taxation.  I want to see them do well, English blood flows threw my and my family’s veins.  And let us not forget that England has been a great ally of ours for a long time and deserves our support. Scotland BEND THE KNEE!      God save Prince George of Cambridge. image